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NCC Online and Live Streamers

Could there be anything better to do than strengthen your chess during the COVID-19 quarantine? Obviously, we hope everyone is safe and healthy and this all passes and we can be back at the board face-to-face before long, but in the meantime, we will be utilizing and Twitch to keep our chess community together continuing to grow and improving. Here is a "HOW TO?" on joining the community. 

STEP 1: Make a account - it is free! 
STEP 2: Login! 
STEP 3: Go to the Menu bar that is on the left hand side of the browser - CLICK ON "CONNECT" (It looks like little, white message bubbles) 
STEP 4: When you drag the cursor over the "CONNECT" menu - it will bring up a sub-menu that says "CLUBS" (It has two little emoji guys) 
STEP 5: Type in "Nashville Chess Center" and request to be added to the group. I have made the group private now and will be cleaning it up to ensure we do not get any inappropriate ads or folks on the page. 
STEP 6: On that same, original menu bar - Go to "LIVE CHESS" and mess around with and become acquainted with the site.  
STEP 7: Make a account - it is also free!  
STEP 8: You can use the search bar in the center/top of the screen after logging in and search for channels and use the recommended links below.
FINAL STEP: Be safe and have fun! See you online! logo
Aaron's Twitch Channel
Claiborne's Twitch Channel
Chess and Tech Career Chat
Chess and Tech Career Chat
with Brandon Evans